How could I even think of leaving this road

so close it has been over the years

still I do not shed any tears

the time is set new tales to be told

I did not know I was this bold

leaving behind me  memories

of my baby girls not being so old

born here and grown day after day

were gifts from life left in my heart to stay.



4 thoughts on “Leaving the road

  1. Lotta mou, what a beautiful, full of heart poem!

    Not having a gypsy heart myself, I can understand that it is not easy to leave home and fly away without a feeling of loss. But you and I also know that “home” is within our own heart, so no matter where we go, we’ll still be at home.

    While it is good to forget bad memories or at least to see them as reminders of challenges necessary for our growth, it is great to safegurad in our heart the warm and loving occasions, to go back to when we need some comfort.

    While you are are on your way to creating wonderful new memories in your new home, allow the memories of the “old road” to keep you warm and fusy, Anticipate new beauty, comfort, and excitement on every turn of the road you are traveling on your journey now.

    Choosing the road less traveled might have its challenges but it also has great opportunities for growth.

    Love and many more blessings on your way!


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