Memories of a childhood

a cloud shading the sun

warmth and closeness

of understanding



to secure walls

of  love

against the world,

instead illness

rushes away related’s

insecure steps

to the wide space

more welcoming

than a house.


Empty hollows


where light should be

trying to fill

them with love

to others,


with the darkness

of days passed

must look ahead

not to lose foothold.



learning to forgive,

to feel life and gratitude

motions around the heart


sadness of what could have been

wanting to cry

but not.


Light comes

to shine on us

when we need it,

we find love

from places unsought for,

people unheard of

treasure it

and richly rewarded

when we let go.

Only love matters


I send you my love, wherever you are.


8 thoughts on “Related to love

  1. This will resonate with all who read it. Everyone has some sadness for what could have been. Beautiful, Lotta. It’s fun finding love in places we didn’t seek it. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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