At some point in your life the mental ground you are standing on doesn’t seem stable.

The busy-nes, the pressure, holding it’s firm grip on your heart.

Fear of failure

Fear of loosing something.

When you get harsh orders from someone who’s fears are bigger than yours

Hold on to your secure knowledge that everything will turn out for the best.

Life os too short to let fear rule your heart.

Breathe, stay. Life is in you and around you. That is all that matters.

You came with love in you to this world, you will bring love with you when you leave. All you have to do is stay with love while you are here.

All other matters will fall into places in some way.

More than one solution could be right.

I send you my love.


2 thoughts on “Stabilized by love of life

  1. When things feel a bit worrying, I just breathe and let it go…..trust in the path that has been set out for me and you, often if I just let it go, it turns out ok and LOVE is the key Lotta, without it we are nothing.


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