I am so glad it is raining today!

It is peaceful, soothing.

I can’t go outside for painting.

My body slows down, my mind gets a chance to catch up.

A moment to listen to my own words inside.

The soft thuds inspire me, vigorate me.

I want to linger in the fresh rebirth of nature.

The Rain I can hear, see, smell, feel ( I could taste it too but I wont). All my senses fullfill by the rain,

in this moment

The clouds are dark, I light candles.

The coffee is hot, I hold my mug.

A restful drowsiness rewards me, and the dog. We relax in the silence beside the sound of the rain.

Now the sun shines through! It disturbes me!


I wasn’t flnished thinking! I must blow out the candles. Must start being productive with practical issues once more.

Still, I had my moment, it will last me until next time!

I can hear the birds singing again. They sound happy.


I wish your day will be good, in sunshine and rain!


11 thoughts on “Subtle sounds

  1. Did you notice the change in rhythm of your writing? It started out slow, like a soft rain. The minute the sun came out and you were “disturbed”, your words picked up a busy pace. This was great!


    1. That’s how easily we are interrupted in our thoughts, instead of staying in our mind. Something to consider. Thank you for reading and making your point of insight! I much appreciate it!


  2. I have missed your poems, Lotta! Lovely poem and images. I also love clouds and rain…Great for introspection! Maybe I love them because I know the sun will come out, sooner or later.


  3. Lotta,

    Majestic, really. Thanks for igniting my senses here in the laundry room. I read your post twice! Amazing photo, too. Thanks for drawing me toward God’s restful presence in your rainy morning scene. Praising The Lord for inspiring words again in you, dear Lotta.

    Love in Christ,

    Shannon Cochran Wife. Mom. Writer. Life-giver.

    Helping women “Reclaim Virtuous Womanhood the Time-tested Way!”

    Sent from my iPhone


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