holding a hand
of someone
who loves you
who you love,
it is soft
it is firm
Another human
to another heart
hands holding
each other,
strength multiplied.

Don’t let go
of a hand
that holds yours
it is worth
all in your life
and beyond

Take care of yourlife

8 thoughts on “Hand

  1. Thank you for the reminder to hold on to the hand that holds mine. Sending you hugs and my hand. I wish I was closer. One day we will meet, drink coffee and I will lend you a hand. To pack boxes, or unpack boxes, or help you weed your garden.


  2. I love this one Lotta I try to hold my husbands hand as much as possible, but now the daughter sighs at us lol. My Dad held my Mothers hand tenderly and often and I will never forget the comfort I received from watching them, (soul mates).


  3. This is so sweet and moving. I like holding hands and it is that connective feeling that is so comforting. Each poem gets better and better Lotta. I enjoy them so much — keep writing.


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