I want to reblog this to honor all the magnificent writers out there!!!!!

Minuscule Moments of Inspiration


Awarding the people who live in the moment

The noble who write and capture the best in life

The bold who reminded us what really mattered

Savoring the experience of quality time

I’ve been nominated for the Best Moment Award by one of my favourite places to visit,

The thought-provoking Grandma at


Grandma I don’t know your real name but your site inspires me to write about whatever comes across my path. Grandma has just about been nominated for every award in the blogging world including 2013 Campnanowrimo.org and if you take a visit you will understand why. Entertaining to say the least, heart warming and a direct approach to whatever ails her. Enjoy reading her words, I have immensely.

For this award I must comply with the rules of acceptance to truly be worthy of this honor.  The rules are quite simple:

  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video…

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