The words that are spoken
to comfort or hurt
feel free to interpret
or avoid to react

Numbing your feelings
not know about pain
don’t let your ears
connect with your brain
or your heart where
emotions are

Gravity and grave
or high hopes and joy
easily letting
someone else rule your mind
your choice or your deal?
be strong, be strong
raise up from the dark
you are your own ruler
capture yourself

Accept, remember
fellow humans walk
their own paths
of learning
about connections.
You are just a part
of their journey
and they are part
of yours

Come back later
when those words
doesn’t matter
When you have grown up
and learned about
something bigger
than your life

Take care of yourself today!

10 thoughts on “Words

  1. As humans, we have a tendency to react when hurtful words are hurled our way. Allowing for some space often gives us more objectivity to consider the motivation behind them. Often, it’s not anything we’ve done, but something done to the speaker.

    “You are just a part of their journey and they are part of yours.” My job is to make their journey a little easier, whether they do mine is not my concern. The Lord will ease my path when necessary.



  2. So, so good to read and re-read Lotta’s words about words today. Thx for doing laundry with me! 🙂

    Love in Christ,

    Shannon Cochran Wife. Mom. Writer. Life-giver. http://www.todaysladyvirtue.com

    Helping women “Reclaim Virtuous Womanhood the Time-tested Way!”

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