Today is Day #22  of the National Poetry Writing Month

This is the link to the Participant’s sites

There is so much fun to learn about poetry but now is not the time for me unfortunately, maybe next year in……

This is from today

It is raining today

and I love the rain.

Rain is lifegiving to all that is growing

including me.

In the stillness of the rain

I grow,

sensing closeness to nature

and myself


The pace of life slows down

in the rain,

and that is welcome

pace for my soul,

I get time to think

and to feel


The sounds of the rain

reminds me of all the rain in the world

too much, too little

and here it is just about right,

I can enjoy without fear.

A giant wave of gratitude

embraces me



3 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Lovely poem, Lotta!

    It’s so interesting to see how each writer brings her/his own self and understanding of Life to the same idea. I have also written a poem on RAIN, which I included in my book. It came out of my owm childhood memories, yet remembered through the eyes of the soul.

    I see your poem as a soul poem as well. Maybe because “Rain is God’s gift to our thirsty souls.”

    Love and Light, even in rain!


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