I got up early this morning to take a moment for writing and thinking.

It was really quite rewarding at the time (but now I am sleepy and kind of regret the decision)

No, just kidding. It is a good idea to use the morning hours. If you are curious about it and need a push for it, you may read the book “Early to Rise” by Andy Traub. Here is the Amazon page for it  .

Naturally what was on my mind this morning must be another poem, so this is today’s fun

(You do look into the NaPoWriMo’s participant’s page here, don’t you?!)

Day #19

Using the first rays of light

in the morning to write

a few lines to myself

about life

and beyond

The birds are waking up

they start singing

or at least we believe

that is what they do.

In their world it might be

something completely different

than songs

for us

The trees are still bare

no leafs yet have popped out

with my inner eye

I see them all dressed in lush green

instead there is still time

to prepare for the season

of activity

Today we will make an awesome day! For ourselves and the people we meet!

Love and peach


6 thoughts on “Early bird catches the worm

  1. Lotta – the idea of getting up earlier to write has been on my mind a couple of days. I’m thinking of rearranging my morning schedule to make more time for writing. And of course, I thought of Andy’s book. 🙂 Thank you for encouraging me.


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