Housework has occupied all my time lately.

No computer, no writing and no poems!

Now I am sneaking in to make a quick poem post, sorry it wasn’t possible to participate all 30 days. 😦

Here to day #18  – NaPoWriMo! Take a look at the Amazing Participants! Click Here!



Stones pebbles boulders

round hard edges

comes from all over

who would know

hot or cold


Beach cave mountain

tiny giant shapes

turn around and cover

look as new

but are old


Love and peach to you!


2 thoughts on “Stones

  1. I know Im a freak, but I love collecting beautiful stones off the beach, it is amazing what you can find. The children and I have a competition on who can find the smoothest, the coolest and the prettiest stone. I have a bowl sitting on my garden table, I love to pick them up and marvel at each unique pattern. Thank you for the poem it brought back fond memories of beach walks with my family.


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