Day #13 in National Poet Writing Month NaPoWriMo

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Here is today’s try


Occasionally  thinking about food to eat

choosing, avoiding raw or boiling

living without wheat or meat or

dairy makes you weak

chasing, counting calories or carbs

preserving or picking on priceless pounds

Go, find the fat that is healthy

find the food that is pure and fresh

no harm should be made to those who

farm it, or to nature or environment


Listening to all the food experts talking

reading about nutrition, using an app

not possible the understand contradiction

all different depending on person

what is best for me?

Avoiding, avoiding

Know what not to eat

(try finding something at a café, that’s not made from wheat)


So, you don’t find the food that matches all your wishes

you choose not to eat until you do

try working when you are grumpy

feeling weaker and the brain doesn’t do what it should

Rushing to a Supermarket

(let’s hope it is clean)

searching for the righteous dish

Bananas? Fair Trade? No, then no thanks,  not for me

Fish? Not from Safe Sea Life fishing? Sorry not today.

Vegetable juice? Sugar added, preservatives, citric acid.

Not possible for me.

I am so hungry! What to do?

A small bag of organic basil seed, it seems safe.

I bring it home,

plant the seeds

and wait.


Ha, ha. I am just kidding! I couldn’t wait until the basil is grown. I need to chase food somewhere else. (And I actually do eat meat, but it was kind of fun it rhymed with eat and wheat, which I don’t eat)


I wish you a great, great day!



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