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Today we have reached the issue of finding the essence of how come we are looking at the NaPoWriMo at all, and everything else that is written.

Make sure you stop by and watch some really awesome poetry here!


This is what turns up at Day #7


There is a great source of energy

with endless supply of useful words

I let the words appear and bounce around

in my open mind


I pick one up, mentally

touching, smelling, tasting,

wondering where to put it

and what to do with it


Gracefully, gratefully

I am allowed to use it

to place it together with other words

making them written in a possible way

free to express my liberated mind



I am not entirely happy with this poem, but this is how it turned out. I hope something will turn out tomorrow as well. I wish you a wonderful day.


6 thoughts on “Endless supply of useful words

  1. I like this one. Mostly because I felt encourage that the words would come as I sit to do a day of writing. I like that there is an endless supply of useful words, because I’ll need them today. It works great for me!

    Day 7 and you are on your way. Look forward to the next and then next…you go girl!!!


  2. I like your poem! it reminds me of how I have written many of my poems.
    It inspired the following one! 😉

    I think of a topic or envision an image,
    I write on paper words suggesting themselves

    I cut and rest them in a bowl
    There is my “supply of useful words”

    I draw one and write a sentence,
    I continue until I have used all

    I design and I revise,
    And soon enough,
    I have a poem
    With no effort at all!

    My friend, you are always an inspiration to me!
    Bless you!


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