Today is Day #5 in NaPoWriMo, take a look at the fantastic participants here!

This is my fun for the day:

Coffee break?

They just wouldn’t stop

they kept oozing in

craving wanting needing

only I could fulfill their wishes

and my hands were full

the pen kept writing

more orders

the notes on the board

no one to make them


It might take a while but I’ll do it as fast as I can

(dear High above where is my coworker)

no one to do the work but me

one more

then rush to the preparation table



do the sandwich

the sallad

the baked potato

somone is calling

where is my latte


I’ll be there soon



one table served



cappuccino latte

one more table

ah you want some extra dressing no problem

you knocked over the glass no problem I’ll wipe it up for you

sooner than possible

they are all taken care of

so nice to watch content eaters

I am the boss of everything

the mess on the preparation table

the dishes

the cold espresso that didn’t turn out right

Ah, coworker

good to see you

sorry you’re late?

No problem, I fixed it.



Now it is time for my coffee break, you want to join me?

Hope to see you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Busy day?

  1. Wait. Let me wipe my hands, first. Those coffee syrups are so sticky. I’m the waitress, Lotta. You’ve got me right there doing the work. I’m sorry, we’re all out. What size did you want? You wanted your drink cold? I’ll make you another one. Good job!


  2. I would love to have coffee with you.
    The pace of the poem felt fast, like your pace working with out your co-worker, You echoed your feelings in the structure. No punctuation or capital letters. You didn’t add punctuation until your co-worker arrived.
    “they kept oozing in

    craving wanting needing”

    Great use of ing words.
    And the visual helped create a sense of space. I want to read more. And a cup of coffee too. A bit of a drive. But I would be there if I could.


  3. Lotta, Nice! Really a nice!

    Great images with punchy words drawing attention to everyday Life!

    Your Long Poem could be about my long days in my own kitchen, most often coming to completion with the help of the greatest Co-Worker of all!

    Oh, How I wish I could join you for a cappuchino! Do you make frothy frapes with kahlua! I’ll take that, please! 🙂


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