I try not to panic when I read the poems of the amazing participants of NaPoWriMo, you can see them here.

I panic because there is no way I’ll be near to what they do! But  I am here now and I still love making sense with fewer words and the rhythm of unspoken sentences.


Day #4


Eyes adjusted to shades

enjoying the differences

admiring the change


The juniper shadowed

cold or relieved

dearly needed anyway


Sun shining through the lilac leaf

empowered beams straight to my heart

awesome awareness of enlightened sprouting


The buds of the trees are finally burst

embraced and surrounded by light of life

my mind surrender to love


Walking on grass soft and warm

sensing the peace of nature

painting it all in green



Wonder what turns up tomorrow?


Love and peace to you


3 thoughts on “Day #4 NaPoWriMo

  1. Once again, lovely, Lotta! Your words sprout, blossom the wonder of spring emerging. I sense awe, wonder. Feel God’s love, peace. I believe God whispers to buds, bursting–“Now is your time to bloom for Me.” It will only be weeks and green blades will show through our toes, walking. Yes, I look forward to tomorrow’s post!


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