Should I write about loving life? – YES!

One of the clues to our lives here on earth is to enjoy the fact that we live here! And we shouldn’t just push the hope to live until “later”, we need to enjoy our life right now!

It is so easy to forget to live.

Instead it is easy to punish ourselves, for any reason, mostly from guilt. Many of us do. But recently I have started to consider the consequences of doing that, and the thought is:

While punishing myself, I am not able to really love life!

I don’t need to feed myself with thoughts about my inadequacy or helplessness!

I need to enjoy my life, and be happy about it!

The reason for punishing ourselves might be our urge to be a kind and humble person, believing it is not decent to place ourselves “higher” than others. We live our lives to do good for others, and we should, that’s one of the milestones for the progress of the human race, but in the attempt of lowering ourselves we  diminish ourselves to the level that we are not good enough, for anything. We forget to do good for ourselves.

But I think it is time to remember

Enjoying life is good for us!

I want to live life full! And I will start with myself!

That does not mean we do bad for others.

Let me show you one rewarding method to start loving  life! – Sensing your life.

Using the senses to actually feel your life!

  • Listen! Use some breaths to listen to what is all around you. Embrace the fact that you can hear! Your organs in the ear are working to submit impulses to your brain to make you fathom what is happening around you, and you should feel awe because of that! It is one of the thrills of every day! Sink into the moment when you are absolute present and listening to something  and loving it! You can listen to music you like, the noise around your home, the voice from someone you love or just the beautiful sound of the coffee grinder at your favorite café.

Once you open your ears and connect them to your heart you will find many, many moments in a day when you hear sounds that you cherish and makes you realize you are alive and you feel joy from it!

  • You use your eyes every day. Can you change your habit from watching without seeing, to actually take to your heart what you are looking at, and register the emotion of it? If you have a mug of new fresh coffee beside you, watch the whirls of heat swirling upwards in the air! You are able to register that and appreciate that you are there to see it right now! Imagine if that small token makes you feel happy, how does the sight of a friendly face of a person you love make you feel.

Use your sight all day to be happy about what you see. Use your mind to consider if you should watch things on TV, or somewhere else, that is not making your heart leap with joy!

  • Smelling is a lifesaving sense. It helps us avoid dangerous food or places, that is good. We listen to our mind telling us to avoid it and we are hardly aware of it. Like an instinct could we also be aware of our senses for the good of life? Could we enjoy the night air in a garden full of flowers, or the smell of a soap made from only natural ingredients healthy to ourselves and the environment? Let yourself stay in the moment you smell the skin of your baby. And embrace yourself with the immense love you feel! There could be absolutely nothing wrong in opening your heart to the uttermost joy of being alive and feeling your life in that very moment! I am sure there are other moments you can experience the same joy as well!
  • If you have ever tasted freshly squeezed orange juice and compared it to a packed drink of concentrated fruit mixed with water and added citric acid, various preservatives and even colors, you know your taste buds can help you sort out natural food from chemical. You probably also know the difference in taste of food eaten with people you like in a homely environment or at a time or place where you feel insecure and unhappy. But our ability to taste is also our opportunity to feel life and enjoy living. It doesn’t need to be the luxurious food, the most expensive, it could be the tiniest, cheapest piece and it may still give us the pleasure of thinking: “I am actually alive and enjoying the fact that I can eat this I am holding in my mouth right now”. When you do that, you will also find the taste pleasurable and appreciate it.
  • Touch. The remarkable, intriguing system of nerves surrounding our entire body! In absolutely everything you do during your day you are able to feel it.  Use that possibility to love your life! Enjoy the sense of  wind on your cheek. Consider the differences in material on the various chairs you are sitting on during a day. Feel the water embracing your body while swimming  or taking  a shower. Stay in the moment when you feel the skin of someone you love under your fingertips.

It will not take long for your system to adapt to this way of living. Your entire being is longing for embracing life! Participating in life! And loving Life!

My love to you


13 thoughts on “Loving Life – Feel your life!

  1. Lotta, as always wise and sensitive! The post is not long….comparing to mine. 🙂
    Using the senses to feel love is a great way to embrace life! Life without love is never lived to its fullest.

    “Feel the water embracing your body while swimming…” reminds me of one of my experiences I had in Greece, I’ll never forget.

    Blessings and Light on this beautiful Sunday!


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