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I simply cannot ever stop thinking.

So while I was doing hard work in the physical world I came to think about the world of creativity, that I must say I prefer. But still I know I need both because they complete each other. This is what I came up with a few days ago.

It is a new thing to me to shovel snow. I have lived on the countryside where the snow falls galore and it is no use shoveling, except when the car is stuck of course, then I need to shovel a lot, to get it free again.

Now I have just moved into a village where walking areas around the houses are supposed to be free of snow, so people may walk by.

And I had also found my house at a corner.

One morning when I looked out the ground was covered in white.  I realized, there is no way I can escape this, I must go out with my shovel and make the pavements walkable.

It was easy in the beginning. The snow was light and I knew how to handle the shovel. – Ah, I’ll fix this in no time. I thought.

But when I came to the corner, the ground was sloping and I was feeling tired and my back hurt. I had to meddle with the snow and the slope. The un shoveled road ahead of me looked so very long. So naturally I thought – Well I could just go back in now, I have been kind of good. I can do the rest later.

But a little tiny voice inside was clever. It knew I wouldn’t go on again later. It told me I must go on NOW. What if people would slip and fall over and maybe hurt themselves.

So I carried on, and it was really heavy.

After a while a person I know came by and she was (she always is) in a very good mood and it was a nice, cheerful talk. The work became easier after that. But I still thought – Will this never end? But I kept at it.

Eventually it suddenly became clear to me, I had reached the end! I was staring at the stone of the neighbor’s fence. And it took a while for the thought to sink in; The labor was over, I was finished.

I had accomplished what I had set out to do!

I stayed in that moment; of feeling joy inside of actually going through all the necessary motions to reach the goal.

It is so much more rewarding than going back to the comfortable life not achieving anything to be proud of.

Can you also see the parallels of what might happen in our creative work?

  • You get an idea; – This could work!
  • You prepare yourself with the proper equipment
  • You start enthusiastically; – I can do this
  • You seem to never reach the goal. You feel tired and want to quit.
  • You convince yourself you must go on.
  • You meet someone who can encourage you to go on.
  • You are persistent. You believe in this idea, even if it feels difficult.
  • You reach your goal. You have accomplished!
  • You can feel very happy about yourself.

Enjoy the moment when you actually finish something you set your mind to do! No matter how small the task might seem to be. It helps your self-confidence! Next time you are not afraid to set a new goal and you find your self growing as a person (and possibly your muscles too)

It is rewarding, believe me.

I wish you a very joyful day!



13 thoughts on “Comparing snow shoveling to real life

  1. Wonderful post, Lotta! It doesn’t snow that much here in Texas but there have been times that I’ve felt like dropping the shovel in writing. In fact before Tribe Writers, I did drop the shovel. I’m so glad I picked it back up and met you along the path. 🙂


  2. I think it’s pretty amazing that any difficult task can be approached in much the same manner. It’s even better with a cheerleader along side, even if they don’t know they are one. Great post (and pic)!


  3. Dreams mean nothing, unless we keep working on them to make them real. Only then we have a sense of personal power. Giving up time after time, we break down the spirit and there is nothing worse than that. Of course, we should be realistic of what we are striving to accomplish. Better make small goals and build muscle than fly high and crush on the way down. Now, that skiing jump in your beautiful pic, I wouldn’t ever dream of doing! 🙂

    Great post Lotta! Wonderfull images, well written, encouraging! You are so good at that and I am so glad to know you!
    Blessings friend!


  4. Lotta enjoyed the post, it is me all over I get an idea, I begin to write and then I look up and see how much work has to be done and I lose it. When I do complete something it is a golden moment for me, but I struggle every day with this so thank you for simplifying it.


    1. Yes, we sure are not alone in this. But it does help to encourage each other! I think your work is really good from what I’ve seen so far, hope to see much, much more! 😃


      1. Lotta thanks for kind words I do agree since connecting with all these talented people I am inspired to keep finishing my projects, you just wrote it in a way that really resonated with me so thank you.


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