So where do I stress?

Moving out – or moving in? which is most important?

For the moment most our activities are concerned with the “new”. We plan for which rooms to sleep in, closets to contain our clothes, kitchen to be practical….

But the “old”. Fragments of memories. All the bits and pieces of our life together in this home. Old closets being sorted out. Reminders of young children growing up, learning things, learning how to write. All these beautiful, beautiful notes ” I love you mum, and all the family too” The spelling is odd, but it doesn’t matter I cherished that note then and I still do! They have learned how to spell now and they think I should throw away that evidence of them being inadequate, but for me it is worth more than anything.

So what are my lessons in this stage of my life?

1.  I have found out that it is so important for us to

Not avoid our feelings and emotions! Dare to deal with them! And learn from them!

Should I avoid this emotional turmoil by saying “Oh, I can’t move now. It is to many memories in that house. I need to linger there, and keep the memories alive forever”

I believe the memories can be alive in our hearts if we choose them to be. Wherever our house is.

I don’t think we can avoid emotions just by staying.  Sometimes staying make us go stale and “old”. Emotions will catch up on us sooner or later and then it may be with a shock. Like if you sweep too much dirt under a rag, it grows a pile and suddenly you will fall over that pile.

Get on top of your life! Don’t let it pass by without your interference. It is you who are supposed to interfere in your life!

2.  Lesson number two:

Moving out and moving in are equally important. Seeking and finding the balance in life, in this matter as well.

And of course keeping in mind:

Showing respect for other people, possessions and nature involved. Gratitude for having a place to live and a home, and for all the marvelous experiences we acknowledge every day!

Please live your life!And feel your life!


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2 thoughts on “Moving out – or moving in?

  1. Memories, such sweet memories…it is in the reminders that we remember. Yet, I have found for myself that reminders can be wonderful and can be forgotten unless there is someone or something to jog what I have put into the recesses of my mind. Great post!


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