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It is not possible to be aware of everything that surrounds us, but

It is self healingly helpful to be aware of what is right at your hands and on your mind!

  • If you are aware, you can not ignore the child that is right in front of you instead of pushing buttons on your phone or computer. Before long the child is grown up and is not around you anymore.  Be aware of that precious moment.

When you truly feel love you are aware

  • If you sense a stir of importance at a thought, stay in that thought, be aware of it, because it is something you are trying to tell yourself. Feel the love to yourself  and let go of guilt and shame. Be aware of the infinite presence that is all around you and within you.

When you follow your instincts of love you are aware

  • To be aware of your body is an act of love for yourself as well as the infinite Universe which has led you to this point where you can listen to and maintain your body with healthy food and environment as much as possible and avoid substances that break down instead of supporting.

When you truly act from love you are aware

  • To feel the great energy power in the Universe makes you aware of the uttermost importance of loving everything living on this planet. As we are the direct link from that energy, we need to take care of the earth and everything on it. We are all part of the necessary circle of life.

I was inspired by the title of Ido Lanuel’s great blog to write this urgent post. This is wake up time!


8 thoughts on “How to be aware……

  1. Lotta
    I love your post! It resonates with my own views on a few ideas. I write different angles of this on many chapters of my book.

    1. Food is nurturing and nourishing.
    2. Loving and respecting our inner self, we nourish and nurture
    3. Staying with the moment, we become conscious about what is happening, we identify possitive of negative emotions, we choose our thoughts and actions
    4. Choosing to act from love we bring goodness to our lives and those around
    5. Love instead of anger raises the consciousness of the world and connects us to the Source and the whole Universe
    6. Non of this will happen unless we connect to inner self, be open to synchronicities, and act upon them as we identify their hints.


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