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Driving in snow weather makes me feel very aware of the difference between life and death.

Last week I read about my personality:

“Instead of dwelling upon your problems, focus on the ways to solve your problems.”

I thought it a bit strange I came across it, because I don’t really feel like a person who dwells on my problems. Instead I kind of follow along in the happenings of life and do not usually get stuck by obstacles.

But! A moment ago I looked out the window. And I saw the unmistakable traces of the tiny, white, frozen raindrops that inevitably will lead to a complete white, cold, uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous world.

And I realized, this is really a problem for me. Living in winterland and the season has arrived.

What do I do to solve this problem?

I instinctively tell my self: I need to rethink and not think of this season as at malevolent time of the year presented only to provoke me and make me miserable.

It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

I need to adapt, to survive

I know this is very difficult for me, but I must accept the fact of winter and not make it a problem, but at this moment it is a problem.

This is how I shall solve my problem of winter

It will not happen with a snap. I must start with small steps . Telling myself for instance: the first snow is so much fun for the children. And then: it gives so much light in the winter dark days and night. And so on. While I put on more and more clothes and stamp through meters of high snow on my walk to the car in blizzards way beyond below zero I will adapt and eventually accept.

And when the spring comes the problem solves by itself! I don’t need to do much more thinking about it. Until next time.

Do you focus on solving your problems instead of dwelling on them? Please share in the comments!

When we let go of problems we will feel free and leave space in our mind for joy and love!

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4 thoughts on “29. Find a way to solve your problems…..

  1. Great question, “Do I focus on solving my problems instead of dwelling on them?”. Hmmmm, I think I do focus on solving my problems, but I do dwell and complain about things like cold, snow and gray days. However, it is true, if I but the reasons for cold, snow and gray days into my thoughts as we need the seasons for our food to grow and we need the water snow produces and the gray days to appreciate a glorious sunny day…it does change how I feel about what I consider a problem. I like this — as it is a good reminder that what I perceive as a big inconvenience to ME is really important to the Whole and it brings me into feeling grateful for the seasons. I get how selfish I can be…..thanks for helping me see this from a new perspective. So the next time I am cold, it’s snow and the day is awful gray I’ll bring this back into focus and be grateful for the weather and the seasons!


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