Steven Pressfield, writer of amazing novels such as Gates of Fire, Tides of War, and Last of the Amazons has also written this book: The War of Art which I started to read this week.

It is truly inspirational. The funny thing is, that reading takes time from writing, but it is impossible to write without reading.

Maybe not completely impossible, probably someone living isolated on a deserted island for ages managed to write something without ever have read anything (after he was rescued and given pen and paper and taught how to write), but most of us need books to write.

And this same week I discovered Gregorian – Brothers in Arms. Powerful!

A perfect combination for the task of writing more and more!

The irony in this though, is that I don’t live what I preach. I, who always speak for peace in all mankind, now preach for war?

No of course I don’t preach for war!

But when artists with souls of light express themselves with the power of love, the world becomes a luminous and sparkling refuge in the universe

Live well today.


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