I found this book in a great Urban Outfitters store in Hamburg, Germany.

This captivating title made it impossible for me to put the book back on the table, I tried, several times, but I just kept carrying it with me. So in the end I surrendered.  It had to come along! And it is heavy! 1000 ultimate travel experiences. It weighs a lot!

To survey all these intriguing experiences increase the expectations in the mind. It raises the inspiration and imagination level.

The book shows how to find the treasures in not so famous places and seeing the beauty in places and people just the way they are.

The parts about Scandinavia made me raise my eyebrows more than once. I did not realize we had so much fun here.

It also includes “Need to Know” and “Good to know” lists from all over.

I keep the book on my desk as a constant reminder  of the appealing title.

I wish you a beautiful day today, wherever you are.


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