I’m sure you’ve all been there.

There is no way to escape.

When you are tangled in everyday’s shores and doings so hard you think you’ll never escape.

When the only possibility to sit and write in piece is when you wake up at 2.30 and think, now.

Right now I need to share my inadequacy, because sharing makes us feel a little less lonely.

Sometimes things just get a little too much. Without hurting anyone’s feelings I just need to withdraw and disconnect. Abort myself from others needs and emotions and fall back in peaceful connection with myself. Rest. Breathe and gain new energy from within.

And if I can’t do that a become grumpy. And with a big family, dog, house, whatever  I can’t be grumpy, there is simply not enough room.

I imagine myself in a silent, wooden cottage in the forest, possibly with a view of a beautiful lake nearby, from the room I’m writing in actually, big windows. Time, to slow down my emotions, listen to what thoughts turn up without me editing. And then:  writing. As long as I feel up to it, take a break, start again. No matter what time it is.

I know, I’m silly. “Be responsible, there is nothing wrong with your life” Eco from the righteous, honorable (have they never felt like this?) But this is how I feel.

My Facebook is full of anecdotes from all over about how to deal with life. Encouraging sentences about how to deal with life to be happy. But sometimes those words simply can’t reach my consciousness because it is to full. 

If someone you meet today is more silent than usual, a bit distant, maybe not so alert, show  some consideration. Maybe he or she is dreaming about their cottage in the forest, maybe he or she just need some space. And probably need more encouraging and affection than ever because  it is hard to focus on what’s at hands when the mind is flying around.

And you in your turn, will be shown respect and affection when you need it. There is always someone around you who can help, just take an extra look and you will find it. Because the funny thing is, no matter how low we feel ourselves, we always have some extra drive for reaching out to someone who needs us. That is also one important way of fulfilling a purpose in life.

So away the cottage flows. I need to be here and now. For a while at least.

Live your life as good as you can today, to yourself and to others!

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