I still love this guy!

My first painting! And he (or she?) just stood out there and was a part of me forever.

I used to take the picture with me around in my home. Place it so I could look at it while having coffee brake. Am I crazy? I loved the smell of the fresh oil paint. I love the sense of someone being close to me, who changes mood when I do. Sometimes I see a smile in the face, sometimes I see sorrow or seriousness.

Like black words on white paper I choose black and white in my first painting. To much color felt a bit frightening, black and white safer. But after some time I knew there had to be some color around, and it had to be green, the color of love.

The thought arouse, of my “friend” solemnly walking around in the green forests, assisting  nature with growing, and healing from the damage the humans are causing. Like the tree elves from a Tolkien world.

Now I haven’t painted anything for about a year. I run out of paint and thought it was too lavish to use money on something not necessary for the household. But it is not just for fun. It feels really, really important to go on again! To be lost in the creative process where nothing else matters but being in that moment when My mind is connected with myself!

So this is my plea for  you: Please, please don’t let go of your lust for expressing yourself with anything creative! It doesn’t matter in what way, it is what’s important for you that matters and you know somewhere inside what you are longing for! Seize that urge!

Maybe it is just a whispering voice at first, but after a while when your consciousness realizes you are honestly trying to help yourself it will start telling you louder and louder what you really need. Listen! And find a way to follow your dream and passion. Focus on what is healing for you.



8 thoughts on “10. Words and colors!

  1. Your painting is absolutely amazing, i love monochrome and you’ve literally weaved a story here! Its so great that you’re doing what you want, and you’re right, you should never give up something like this, maybe cause its really what you need. One question from the curious cat though, 😛 what is that shock of green in the background? does it signify something?


    1. Thank you so much! I believe the green is the woods where he (she?) and his kins are dwelling. Their refuge and home. I just had to put the green there as the color of love. 🙂


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