Today I am very happy to invite my friend Katina Vaselopulos to post her thoughts here. Following her words is like walking a mysterious path with hidden embellishments revealing during the journey. Never certain what to expect but always astound by the abundance of power and spirit. Watch her blog here

It is an honor to be invited to guest post at this great site!
Lotta, I am grateful to you for opening your heart and online home to me. I am only in the beginning of this blogging journey.
I consider this an opportunity to see it from the reader’s perspective and look forward to constructive criticism.

Fall-ing Inwards

It is late fall.
The sun’s energy has weakened. The beauty and radiance of autumn have faded away as the last leaf is out of breath on its way to the ground. Nature’s powers lie underground.
Now is the time to enjoy the fruit of our labor, literally, as well as symbolically for all of us who are on the “mature” side.
This is the time to live indoors, to enjoy the warmth of our homes.
It is also the time to turn inward to our hearts where wisdom, love, and intuition reside. Persephone already descended to the underworld.
The mind, the thinking part of us, is not capable of taking this inward journey. It does not recognize the heart. It constantly feeds on the outside world.
It returns to the past where memories reside. It jumps to the future where fantasies are conceived.
Always ignoring and evading the present moment.
If we want to take this journey inward, to hear the whispers of our soul, we need to keep our mind quiet and still. Only then, we can be aware of the wisdom that dwells in our hearts; only then, we find answers.
The answers we seek are already within us.
“The kingdom of Heaven is within you,” Jesus promised.
This space inside is in harmony with the universe. We are links in the chain of All.
When we are still and in agreement with the world and ourselves, then we hear our inner voice.
At this time of the year, it’s easier to reconnect to our spirit by trusting the loving and intuitive voice of our heart.
By consciously returning inward, we have access to love and peace.
By attending to our soul, we log on to God…to love, peace, health, creativity, wisdom, and fulfillment.

These are the steps that get me in touch with my soul. See if they work for you:

• Resign to your room for private prayer as often as you can.
• Send your mind away. You don’t need its unconscious stream of thoughts to fill your brain. These thoughts come from the ego, not the soul. Your soul is waiting.
• Send pain, anger, and life’s nuisances away.
• Sit still and quiet. Silence is overflowing with God.
• Listen to your soul’s whispers. It is God whispering to you.
• If your mind tries to interfere, ignore it.
• Pray without asking for favors, rather for God’s love, peace, and wisdom.


All summer long,
The sun has been shining
Upon the little earth,
Flooding her with life, nourishing her.
Soon, the summer draws to a close.
The sun’s mission done,
His journey will take him to another course.
His light, still inexhaustible,
Consumed by curiosity,
Will flow to earth inquisitively
Spilling and sliding
In the crevices of trees
Between bare branches and fallen leaves
On rocks and cliffs
Through rivers and streams
Creeping into the surface of the endless sea,
Seeking out to unravel the enigma of Being.
Each ray a being, free of the others,
All by her ought to discover
The magic and purpose of LIFE,
Before night comes and she is no more.
Her struggle and her agony: will she the secrets know?
Will she have time to find out what she needs to undergo?
What connects you to your heart and soul?

I am writing a non-fiction book called SAILING TOWARD ITHACA – Nurturing Body and Soul. My intention is not to preach but to learn. To remind myself of steps I need to take, of paths I need to follow.

Written originally with the purpose to heal my life, my journal turned into a book.
It is intended for women and men who want to nurture body and soul by connecting to what is important for a fulfilled spiritual life.
I invite my readers to follow me during this one specific year of my journey.

To explore life with me and all it entails, to witness my struggles, to enjoy my triumphs, to benefit from my discoveries and to learn from the wisdom of great men and women.

I show that by being open to the moment, to life and to all its possibilities, by cultivating virtues and relationships with self, others and God, readers also can turn life’s negatives into positive and fulfilling experiences.

Katina Vaselopulos

6 thoughts on “7.Guest blogger Katina Vaselopulos

  1. Katina,
    I enjoyed reading this beautiful article! It brought me peace and tranquility, and I really liked the steps your offered to get in touch with our soul. We all need to take the time to look inward.

    The poem was well written, with vivid imagery. I particularly liked the last line “What connects you to your heart and soul?”

    Good luck in your new book! I look forward to reading it when it comes out!



  2. Katina,

    Your poem is a prelude to hope. Something that everyone needs these days! I liked it a lot.
    With regards to your thoughts: I remember my high school teacher telling us years ago the same thing: the speed that this world moves and its materialist features do not give us the time and opportunity to see inside us, to really think not only with our brain but also with our soul, the real meaning of our existence, the real meaning of life.

    Thanks Katina and good luck with your book


  3. Thank you for sharing this Katina. I think it is very well written and makes me also think about reflecting on my own life. It makes me think of when I was on the pilgrimage to the holy land and about prayer. Many times we go through our days as if we are a robot, unable to sit and reflect…as if we had no mind or soul. That trip changed my perspective on life and the importance of a mind, body, and soul connection between our life and our spiritual life in order to make us complete.


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