In Sweden 1 of 3 persons want to write a book. (

In USA 81% Americans feel the same (I saw this number in Jeff Goins blog which I will come back to later)

For as long as I can remember I’ve had this vague idea about writing a book. I loved the picture of myself sitting at a desk writing amazing sentences that would impact on everyone reading. But as the years passed I haven’t seen any signs of myself getting closer to that illusion.

But after a complete stress related body breakdown last year, I slowly started to build up myself mentally and physically and recently I just knew it was time to start writing seriously. And piece by piece  it all fell into place.

Looking at the numbers above it is very possible you are also working on that idea or at least parts of it and in that case maybe my conclusion of today could also be of comfort for you. Follow my story below, please.

Here in Sweden a new magazine started called “Skriva” (aprox.=writing) and my tired mind started to see flicker of lights in reading about writers and words and editing. I’m very happy those two enthusiastic persons, Per Adolfsson and Martin Karlsson were brave enough to jump into that business and put a lot of hard work into it.

One day in September this year they had an article about blogs concerning writing. And on top of that list was and through that I jumped right into the world of Jeff Goins.

From the very start I loved his words and the spirit he brought. I read every single word on every single page and followed links and put my email-address everywhere and downloaded anything possible. Then came his “The Writer’s Manifesto” and the world stood completely still and nothing was ever the same again.

The conclusion is:

I don’t need to write a book today, but I do need to write today!

As I follow my mind and allow myself to take small steps towards a goal, I will always be on the way. Stay put in my mind and  enjoy the ride.

Perhaps your trip looks different, just make sure you follow your heart and all the rest will follow!

If you’re curious, among the other blogs mentioned in the Swedish article was:,,,

Sometime it’s useful to watch other blogs and consider what you like  about them.

I wish you a very good day! Hopefully it has something to do with words. Reading or writing= communicating.

2 thoughts on “1. Writing a book?

  1. “Write today” – makes perfect sense. I have been writing for the last eight years and have loved every minute of it but only recently have started to do the basic work for the novel I want to write. As they say “practice makes perfect.” Best of luck with writing. 🙂


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