In order to develop as human beings, it is necessary to stay put in the mind.

To stay in that moment you sense something important!

Don’t waste that moment!


You only have a flick of a moment to make the decision. If you let yourself evaluate you might find the reflection uncomfortable and brush it away, and that is the mistake! Because that thought might then be gone…..and it was probably a very important thought!

Don’t brush it away! Stay!

Stay in this subtle sensation! Admit to yourself that you need to sort out what this feeling is about. Be bold! Allow yourself to go to the depth and explore what you’re trying to communicate to yourself about.

When you make yourself stay with your  reflections you may sense a satisfying moment of awareness.

When you take that moment, it might only take an instant, you have achieved something. A step forward for yourself.

And moving forward as humans is a lot of what this trip is about.

Don’t brush away! Stay!

These thoughts are self experienced and I find it very important to consider what I want myself to think about, but I found great help in  finding out what I am experiencing because I recently came about Eckart Tolles books . He puts words on vague ideas. I am very thankful to him for that!

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