A light in the dark

The wisdom in many increases my faith, my believe, in the human race and its capacity.

The gift of connections with other humans, what would I do without it? Probably lie down and die like the monkeys in the test. Those who didn’t get touched.

We need to be connected with other people

We need to share our wisdoms

So why don’t we act as if people are more important to us? Show people we know more affection, and show respect to those we don’t know but also are part of the race we belong to called humans.

A day in the dark is a day without confirmation from somebody that we exists. That by the end of the day we sit alone in our home, not by choice, but because there was nobody who wanted us to be a part of their day in life.

If that was the case yesterday, today is the day that I must go out and find someone who needs me to be apart of their world. If I don’t find it today I will find a way tomorrow! Because if I don’t, I will fall down and die, like the monkeys in the test. Those who didn’t get touched.

Examples how to do it:

  • Take good care of those I actually have around me, who have stayed with me for a while. Show them interest and affection.
  • Find a course online for a subject I’m interested in. There will be forums with people engaged who are interested in the same subject I am. And I can start to communicate with them
  • Go to a class in real life. Again, search for something that really interests me.
  • Go find volunteer work! There I will really find people who need me to be a part of their world.
  • Read about and listen to what other people do. Be amazed and interested in other people. Learn from them. Be inspired by them!

I need to be honest to myself. Find out what I am looking for and what I am lacking and be open for receiving opportunities!  There will be light in the day!

What can we do to improve our chances for light when we actually meet people?

For instance:

  • Be genuinely interested in people
  • Don’t let technical items take focus from living beings. Take the chance to look into a real pair of eyes. Touch a real person, get a touch back from someone who shows you are real to them.
  • Be careful with finding faults in others, see their good values instead, and lift them up.
  • Be open when meeting people on a daily basis. Be interested in them, ask friendly questions. Care, and act as caring.

I will find people and all the benefits from that!

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