Today I love the whole world!

Yesterday I was a wreck.

I read a lot on Jeff Goins blog and have been thinking lately about his thoughts on “being wrecked”.

This is my most recent experience around that topic.

At the last stop before heading home from a soothing family weekend abroad I started searching for my new mobile.( I had just started to realize what a wonderful invention a smart phone is). Convinced by the panic in my voice, the whole family took part in the mobile flash searching in the car. Doors opened and the icy autumn wind was blowing in the dark evening around us.  As the minutes passed the unreal comprehension emerged inside me that my “precious” was gone for real.

We couldn’t go back. The place we came from would be dark and closed, and the home ahead was required for a family with school and work the day after.

I felt utterly stupid for being so inept of taking care of such a beautiful thing!  I was sad for spoiling our wonderful weekend with this ending. But I figured, there must be a reason for this. I am supposed to learn something. But what? Not being too attached to belongings perhaps? Just be comforted by the soothing love from the family, and wait. Wait for the lesson.

And today! A mail from a police officer, and shortly after, a phone call. Someone had found the mobile and handed it to the local police office!

I was so happily taken by the friendliness in that action! I really and truly always want to think of the good in people and in life! And this gives such a warm feeling in the heart. That was the first part of the lesson.

But the memory of the shaking feeling of being “wrecked” stands clear. In my own “exposed” situation I suddenly saw other persons and situations very clear. I was also lucky enough to see myself and my actions. And the comfort and support from my family. That was the second part of the lesson.

Don’t be afraid of being wrecked. Be bold! It is scary, but don’t run away and distract your self with other things. Stay. You are on the brink of something vigorous and new!

Thank you for your comment!

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