At La Café in Hörby

Today I had lunch at a café. I used to own that café.

Now it feels like coming home when I go there and relate to the people and the happenings. It is a good feeling! And I really like the food and the coffee they make!

I feel relaxed and comfortable when I visit with friends or relatives. It is nice to give attention to my children when we have lunch there (like today). Sometimes I walk by and see a regular, then I pop in and have a coffee  and we talk about anything from “old times” to daily businesses. And I enjoy sharing thoughts with the new owner and noting the attention he gets from people around.

I seriously believe cafés are vital to our possibilities to socialize. It used to be common to visit each others homes for tea or coffee, but not anymore. Perhaps we don’t feel comfortable with our housekeeping and prefer to meet acquaintances “on neutral ground” , or we don’t have all the ingredients at home for making the yummy mud-cakes, cupcakes and likewise the cafés presents. (Or the time or interest for that matter)

So make sure you support your favorite café today! Make it stay for as long as possible! Unless you want to take up housekeeping at your place for meeting people.

Thank you for your comment!

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