Struck by Thunder

I get so overwhelmingly happy whenever someone makes something artistically completely unexpected!

This is one such occasion !

Two guys from Croatia, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, showing their incredible talent and apparently not afraid of bursting the boundaries of their art.

5 million viewings on YouTube in a week when they published this video , over 7 million today, 10 days after the post !


Did you see how the bow-hair of the bows just flies off ! The instruments are, however, preserved . They have pimped up the music a bit to increase the effect of the video and it makes the result so incredibly good!

They call themselves 2Cellos, take a look at their homepage here, it is full of goodies

Some of their other cool videos are available here, with superstar guitarist Steve Vai , here  (their humour!!) and here with one of their several wonderful posts from the live concert in Stjepan’s hometown Pula. They also have a wonderful stage presence . When listening through a few of them I realize how truly amazing they are!

The effect of the old Roman amphitheater ruins in Pula surrounding their live concert gives an impact of the contrasts the music brings; the old and the new, war – peace, classically – modern. Just as the artists themselves personify the contrast of being full of humor and yet entirely seriously present the most beautiful music .

If, by any chance, there is someone who does not know the original AC/DC piece I’m sending it here too.

My very personal point of view, yes I realize I’m sticking my neck out here , is that 2Cellos provides a stronger musical experience.

So, enjoy the day !


9 thoughts on “Struck by Thunder

  1. So Awesome! I had not seen this before. They are so manic! I love the juxtaposition of the proper audience and the avant garde playing. There will always be rebels in art breaking new barriers.


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