Grey Zone

2014-01-20 2338

Found some hasty notes on an old note pad today.

Realized it was a poem.

I liked it:

After and before

the idle chores

life is a job



Density in plans

having coffee


for an opportunity

to find



Surfacing dreams

ideas possible

strength lacking

spirit dying


Living a bloodless life

no passion in the veins


the coffee is strong

12 thoughts on “Grey Zone

  1. Beautiful, my poet friend! Isn’t Life mostly lived on the “Gray Zone?” Feels like that lately, which is also a blessing because we have a choice to move either left to the ligh or right to the black.

    Thank you Lotta mou for sharing! :) xxx


  2. Im loving it, no passionate blood in the veins, very strong words and ones I can resonate with on some days, now to that coffee and to push onwards, thanks for inspiring me with your words.


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